Disbursment of the 1st Tranche of EIB III - EUR 100 million


  • MBDP withdrew the first tranche in an amount of EUR 22,230,000 million of the EIB III credit line of EUR 100 million. The funds will support 101 projects with accounting value of EUR 34 million. 79% of the funds will be used as investment loans with loan term of 8 years, and the remaining funds will be used as working capital loans with loan term of 3 years. Funds will be on-lent through NLB Tutun...

Presentation of the new MBDP Credit Lines for SMEs


  • The Macedonian Bank for Development Promotion in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of RM and the Regional Chambers continually holds presentations for the new credit lines earmarked for small and medium sized enterprises on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in order to promote them, disperse information about them and by doing that to make them accessible to all prospective beneficiar...

Financial Agreement Signed with EIB of EUR 100 million - Phase III


  • The MBDP Loan for SMEs and Priority Lending Finance Contract of EUR 100 million was signed between MBDP and EIB. By entering into this Contract the third phase of the EIB credit line commenced (the first phase in an amount of EUR 100 million and the second one of EUR 50 million were successfully implemented). The credit line shall be realised through 11 intermediary banks:    1. Komerc...

New Financial Agreement Signed with EIB - Phase II


  • New financial agreement for EUR 50,000,000 signed with EIB.  

Disbursement of the Seventh Tranche


  • The seventh tranche of the EIB credit line in amount of EUR 4,5 million was disbursed. The funds of this tranche shall support 22 projects with an accounting value of EUR 8.5 million. It is expected 119 new jobs to be created. Projects shall be realized through: NLB Tutunska Banka ad Skopje and Prokredit Banka ad Skopje. 6 3,85% of the credit funds are intended for investment credits (with rep...