Benefits of the domestic factoring service:

  • DBNM contributes to easier short-term financing of companies, for their current needs, thus representing a kind of accelerator of business cycles in companies,
  • DBNM influences the improvement of liquidity and cash flows of Macedonian companies.

How to obtain a Factoring service?

  • A Factoring Questionnaire and Application for Factoring Limit for a domestic buyer are filled out and submitted along with the required documentation, electronically or at the premises of DBNM.
  • If the Application for Factoring Limit is approved, the Factoring Agreement shall be signed and certified (notarized).
  • Each invoice is reported to DBNM, on the basis of which funds are paid (advance of 80% of the invoice amount) to the account of the client/exporter.

Beneficiaries of the Factoring service:

  •  Companies registered in RNM which sell goods and services in RNM on deferred payment up to 180 days.

In case the domestic buyer does not pay within 180 days of the invoice due date, the recourse shall be risen (DBNM will return the receivable to the client). The regular interest of 3,2% per annum shall be calculated for those 180 days and legal default interest shall be charged upon rising of the recourse.

Cost of Factoring:

 The price of factoring is calculated on the basis of the advance payment of 80% of the invoice value and comprises of:

  • Interest rate of 3,2% p.a. (interest is calculated on the advanced payment of 80% of the invoice value by using the actual number of days)
  • Service charge of 0,25% of the paid amount of the invoice

Credit Insurance and Factoring Division Contact:

Tel: 02/3115-844, 02/3114-840 ext. 141, 142, 143, 144, 145.