Corporate social responsibility

Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje has developed a cooperation responsibility, i.e. has established a balance between the performance of the business activities and the responsibility towards society and the environment. It is accomplished through transparent and ethical behaviour contributing to sustainable development, and also, by having in mind the expectations of all affected parties. When insuring a transaction, DBNM believes that it complies with the National Agenda on Corporate Social Responsibility for the Republic of North Macedonia adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia; when creating the financial programs and the financing terms and conditions, DBNM takes into consideration the equal and sustainable social development and environment protection.

Responsibility toward the community is one of the highest priorities in the system of values of DBNM and represents an integral part of its business policy.

DBNM besides instigating economic growth, implementation of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia directives, adherence to the law, regulations, and professional standards, also develops and maintains its own reputation as a development and export bank by instigating and supporting positive social values, culture, mutual respect and tolerance, business ethics and humanism.

 “We have a clear vision for our role and the influence we have as a financial institution on our clients, partners, and the wider community, as well as the expectations that our employees have from DBNM. We are aware that our determination and responsible work are key to our future development.”