DBNM offers the following financial products:


  • export credit financing - working capital for pre-shipment export finance and working capital for bridging the period between export and collection of payment from the foreign buyer;
  • credit support to SMEs - permanent working capital and investment financing from various fund sources: ICL-Revolving, DBNM, EIB, EIB-Revolving;
  • credit support to agriculture and agroindustry - primary production, processing and export - through commercial banks or directly through DBNM;
  • micro financing - micro and small scale enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, handicraft shops, private merchants, market counters, and other micro and small scale entities;
  • financing energy projects - energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • loans for reducing unemployement - creation and preservation of jobs and self-employment financing;
  • loans for accommodation facilities - micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with registered office in the Republic of North Macedonia, for purchasing, building and adaptation of small accommodation facilities not exceeding 70 beds and having up to 3 stars standard.
  • loans for old people's homes and kindergartens - micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, with registered office in the RNM for building and equipment of facilities for old people and kindergartens.
  • loans for municipalities int he RNM - for realization of projects from the instrument for pre-accession assistance-IPA component for cross-border cooperation;
  • interest-free credit lines for reducing the impact of COVID-19 on the economy - micro, small and medium enterprises.


  • domestic accounts receivable (pre- and post-shipment)
  • export accounts receivable (pre- and post-shipment)

against commercial and political risk.

FACTORING – is the Bank’s newest product which is unique on the financial market in RNM. It is a service which enables sale of goods and supply of services with defer payment, while part of the invoice value is received in advance.


  • customs guarantees - guarantees for securing customs debt in inward processing