Financing Accommodation Facilities

Finance facility for purchasing, building and adaptation of small accommodation capacities not exceeding 70 beds and having up to 3 stars rating is available by applying of the potential investors for one of the following DBNM’s credit lines:

  1. EIB Credit Line, fixed interest rate of 5.5% p.a. and repayment period of 8 years;
  2. ICL Revolving Credit Line (SME/Investments/ICL revolving), fixed interest rate of 6% annually, but with repayment period of 6 years;
  3. Special Credit Guarantee Scheme (SME/Investments/Guarantee Scheme), credit line of great significance for those companies that have insufficient collateral;
  4. DBNM Credit Line (SME/Investments/DBNM), allowing 50% of the credit amount to be used for working capital.