Individual guarantees


End users

   Large exporting companies (companies whose export earnings participate in at
    least 30% of the total income in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the
    guarantee is approved).

Conditions to be met by
the large exporting company
for issuance of individual guarantee from the
Guarantee Fund 

   - to be classified in A risk category or to have no liabilities to banks in accordance
     with the data from the credit registry of the National Bank of Republic of North
   - to have an approved credit limit for insurance for the foreign buyer and a
     concluded insurance policy for commercial risks with DBNM,
   - the indicator for the level of financial indebtedness to be less than 3 (ratio
     between total liabilities on loans and credits and principal reserves). The indicator
     is calculated on the basis of a balance sheet database from the last fiscal year,
   - the debt ratio indicator to be less than 6 (ratio between total liabilities and
     principal and reserves). The indicator is calculated on the basis of balance sheet
     data from the last fiscal year, 
   - the current liquidity ratio should be at least 0.7 (ratio between current assets and
     short-term liabilities). The indicator is calculated on the basis of a balance sheet
     database from the last fiscal year,
   - the indicator for fast liquidity to be at least 0.35 (ratio between current assets
     reduced for inventories and short-term liabilities). The indicator is calculated on the
     basis of a balance sheet database from the last fiscal year,
   - to have principal and reserves stated in the balance sheet in the financial
     statements for the last fiscal year in an amount of not less than 33% of the
     requested loan amount,
   - in the last fiscal year to have achieved a positive financial result in the income
     statement and
   - to have no unpaid liabilities to the state (taxes and contributions), in accordance
     with the certificate of paid taxes and contributions issued by the Public Revenue
     Office, not older than three months from the day of submitting the request for
     issuance of the guarantee.

Conditions referred to
the loan whose amount repayment is secured by the individual guarantee

   - the minimum amount of the approved loan should not be below MKD 3,075,000,
     and the maximum amount of the approved loan should not be more than MKD
     30,000,000, whereby the amount of the guarantee may be up to 15% of the total
     revenues of the company in the last fiscal year. 
   - the loan should not be intended for the purchase of fixed assets and working
     capital for projects that:
     are intended for production and distribution of weapons and military
     equipment, for production of tobacco and tobacco products, drugs and other
     narcotics, include experiments on live animals, pollute the environment and nature,
     are related to real estate, are related to games of chance and are related to
     financial activities, 
   - to have collateral, a bill of exchange with an enforcement clause validated by the
     owners who have at least 5% of the basic capital of the guarantee beneficiary
     with a bill of exchange statement, which regulates the rights and obligations on 
the basis of the bill of exchange in the form of an enforcement document and a
     commercial risk insurance policy with restriction of transferability.

Maximum % of
guarantee by
individual guarantee

     up to 50% of the loan

Who can submit
the guarantee request

     Large exporting company

What is guaranteed by
guarantees from
Guarantee fund 

    Principal (the initial size of a loan)


 Forms for Individual Guarantee:





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