Customs guarantees

Guarantees for securing customs debt in inward processing


     Type of guarantee:

  Comprehensive guarantee for securing customs debt in inward


  The amount of the guarantee depends on the creditworthiness of the

  Maximum amount:
  - up to MKD 15,375,000 for small and medium sized companies 
  - up to MKD 24,000,000 for companies which according to the National
    Classification of Activities fall under section – C/B Processing industry

     Validity period:

  Up to 12 months



  100% of the amount of the customs debt on the basis of inward

     Covered risk:

  The risk of non-payment of obligations on the grounds of customs debt
  to the Customs Administration of the RNM arising from inward

     End users:

  Companies which import goods in order to undergo processing 
  operations and re-export the processed goods


  Quarterly fee


  Draft issued by the company, including enforcement clause, guaranteed
  by the company owners


 Forms for Customs Guarantee


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