The Best Bank Officers 2022


On the occasion of World Savings Day, October 31, 33 employees from 13 banks, 2 savings houses, Clearing House KIBS AD, and the Macedonian Credit Bureau were recognized by the Macedonian Banking Association for achieving special results in their work.

Frosina Josifovska and Ermira Besimi Ibishi are the two employees from the Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje who received the award for the best bank employees in 2022.



Frosina Josifovska works in the Treasury and liquidity management division as Chief of the Treasury and liquidity management unit. She has been with the bank since the very beginning, performing her work with dedication, and has twenty-four years of experience and expertise behind her, selflessly helping younger colleagues in the performance of their work.

Ermira Besimi Ibishi has been working in the Credit insurance division as a Senior credit insurance officer for fourteen years, and particularly stands out for her responsibility in work, collegiality as well as desire for continuous improvement.