The Development Bank of North Macedonia ended 2021 with double-digit portfolio growth and positive results


In times of recovery of the domestic economy caused by the health crisis, and in 2021, the Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje (DBNM), as the only fully state-owned development bank, achieved positive results, putting all of its financial and operational capacity to achieve the main goal which it was established for - supporting the development of the Macedonian economy in accordance with the state's strategic policies, goals, and priorities.

Compared to the previous year, the total assets of the Bank increased by 21% and amounted to MKD 14.5 billion, with a corresponding growth of the credit portfolio of 19%, growth of the credit insurance portfolio of 38%, and of factoring by 11%.

This year, the Bank's activities were marked by the introduction of new products such as customs guarantees and the credit-guarantee scheme, which is implemented through the Guarantee Fund, on behalf and for the account of the state. The amount of EUR 59.1 million from the first two tranches of the EIB credit line was withdrawn and disbursed on exceptionally favorable terms for the economy. The third interest-free credit line with grant component - "Covid 3", financed by the EU through the activity of the EU for Resilience from the IPA II program and the Government of RNM, has been fully implemented, with a total amount of EUR 31 million.


The bank achieved a positive net financial result of MKD 39.6 million, which is a 25% increase in relation to the achieved result in 2020. According to the law, the realized profit was distributed among the Bank's reserves, thus strengthening the potential for further support of the real sector in the country.