The deadline for submitting the application for an additional grace period for the "Covid 3" credit line is December 11


The Development Bank of North Macedonia AD Skopje, in accordance with the obligation from the Government and the Annex to the agreement for the administration of the Fund for micro and small enterprises, has published on its website an opportunity for the loan users from the third interest-free credit line "Covid 3" to submit an application for an extension of the grace period and the loan repayment period for 12 (twelve) months.

According to the public call, companies should submit an electronic request to the bank, which can be downloaded from the bank's website. The request is submitted electronically, on a web form published in the call itself. As a pre-requisite for approving the request for additional determination of the grace period and extension of the loan repayment period, the borrower, prior to submitting the request, has to have settled all outstanding obligations based on principal and interest from the credit line from the Fund for Micro and Small Enterprises (Covid 3).

The submitted request for an additional deadline and grace period does not eliminate the right to submit a request for discharge of the debt for more than 30% of the loan amount, according to the established criteria stated in the loan agreement.

The public call and the request for the additional grace period, as well as the instructions for submitting the request, are available at the following link.

The call is valid as of December 11, 2021, which is also the last day for submitting requests.